John 19:17-37
Luke 23:26-49
Matthew 27:7-56

Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus's final words are recorded, and his final acts. He tells those who are weeping for him to not cry for him, but to grieve for themselves. He gives instructions for the care of his mother. He answers the cry of one of the men being crucified beside him, telling him he will be with him in Paradise. He prays for the men beneath him, who have crucified him, asking God to forgive them. He cries out to God. Darkness comes over the land; the curtain of the temple is torn in two. Jesus commits his Spirit into the Father's hands, and breathes his last.

Coming: "Why this detail about the curtain tearing in two? What does that mean?"


Luke 23:47-56
Matthew 27:55-66



Jesus's body is stabbed to ensure that he's truly dead and not unconscious. Blood and water pour out, confirming his death. His body is removed from the cross, without breaking his legs, as prophesied. A man asks for Jesus's body, saying he owns a tomb and will bury it. His body is wrapped and placed in a tomb. Centurions (soldiers) are called to guard the tomb, having been warned that he's said he'll rise from the dead. They're told that his followers might try to steal his body. 

Coming: "I've heard that Jesus passed out and then woke up in the tomb. I've also heard that God made it look like Jesus was crucified, but really it was Judas. How do you know he died?"


John 20:1-18
Luke 24:1-12
Matthew 28:1-15

An empty tomb!

Jesus died on a Friday; Saturday is the Sabbath. In keeping with Jewish law, the women don't visit the tomb to embalm his body. The next day is Sunday. It's the third day since he died. When the women arrive to care for his body, they're startled to find that the stone is rolled away, and the body is gone. An angel responds: He has resurrected, just as he said. The women rush to tell the disciples. John and Peter run to the tomb. They leave in confusion.

Coming: "Not even the first disciples believed!"


John 20:24-30
Luke 20:13-49


Jesus appears to his disciples

Jesus enters a closed room to meet with his disciples. Thomas, whose nickname is Didymus (Twin), wasn't there. When he hears the report, he doesn't believe. Jesus appears again, and tells shows Thomas to the nail-scars on his hands and the wound on his side. Thomas replies, "My Lord and my God!"

Coming: "Why did Jesus not resurrect with a healed body?"


John 21

Jesus and Peter

Peter had been asked three times if he knew Jesus. Three times, he said no. The last time, he said this while calling down curses. Now, Jesus had a question for Peter, but he doesn't call him by the name given in Matthew 16. Three times, he calls him Simon, son of John, and asks: "Do you love me?" Three times, Peter answers, and Jesus responds...telling him "Feed my lambs," "Take care of my sheep," and "Feed my sheep." Jesus ends his conversation with Peter by prophesying over him about his coming crucifixion, then says, "Follow me!" Peter asks what will happen to John, who he's noticed is following at a distance. Jesus responds with a question, and then says again, "You, follow me!"

Coming: "What ended up happening to John?"


Luke 24:50-53
Acts 2-4

Jesus Ascends, and
The Holy Spirit Comes

Jesus ascends to Heaven. The disciples, who have gathered in Jerusalem, are together when the Holy Spirit comes upon them. Peter stands up to proclaim and announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ.