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For believers who come out of Islam, the first weeks or months after professing faith can be some of the most critical and trying moments in life. If or when one of your Muslim friends comes to salvation, notify Crescent Project staff so that we can help find local support for your friend, and so that we can pray with you for your friend.

Former Muslims who work with Crescent Project may be available to talk with you as well. 

Even if your friend gets involved with local fellowship and formal, culturally familiar discipleship, they will still look to you as an important source spiritual leadership. On this page, you'll find discipleship resources to help you look to God together. These two story sets focus on discipleship through the DBS format

Video resources are in the works, and we hope to make them available within the next few months. 


"What does it look like to follow Jesus?" 

That's the question this story set seeks to answer. Drawing primarily upon Acts and the Epistles, this is a great set for a new believer, or for a Muslim who is interested in reading beyond the life of Christ and the Old Testament. 

It should be noted here as well that Muslims are usually taught that Paul essentially hijacked Christianity with false teachings. Examining the New Testament epistles and the doctrines they contain, particularly after reading the Gospels, will show that there are no contradictions between Paul's teachings and the implications of the Gospels.

"No longer a slave to fear"

From Aaron: "A few years ago as I was talking with Nasser, he was telling me how important the book of Ephesians was for him as a new believer and that it is one of the places he takes new believers. In light of this, I recently created an Ephesians story set as a Discovery Bible Study and have been working through it with two former Muslims. It's been a good resource - especially in discussing the idea of 'works.'

Ephesians 2 helps to reframe works away from the Islamic worldview of working to earn favor or to somehow get yourself into heaven to the Christian worldview of working in partnership with the creator God who created you (his handiwork) for good works which he prepared in advance for us to do. That was a pretty big thing for these two guys. The book of Ephesians can help us stand strong in our identity in Christ, and not go back to previous patterns of this world."

learning from ephesians

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