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4 Opportunities from Crescent Project

  1. Crescent Project has Outreach Groups throughout the US and in Europe. These are communities of believers who are reaching out to Muslims in our lives, all united in vision, belief, and focus. Click here to find the Outreach Group closest to you.

  2. The Embassy Forum, housed internally on this site, is a security-conscious way to share about your experiences reaching out in closed nations, and to get insight from Crescent Project staff and other volunteers. Share about what's on your mind and heart, and be encouraged and mentored.

  3. "Ask a Khabir" is an interactive video archive where Embassy volunteers can submit questions to Fouad Masri, Nasser X, and other experts. Share your thoughts or questions, and hear back from respected leaders in the field of evangelism to Muslims.

  4. Meet live with other Embassy volunteers at Crescent Project training events. Each event will offer a session or lunch about online evangelism, and a chance to talk in person with Embassy staff.

Although virtual fellowship and collaboration with other volunteers online and at events is a great encouragement, imagine getting a group of Embassy volunteers together at your own church! It is our hope that our volunteers will bring this vision to the church, and start Embassy groups all over the country. Contact us to talk about how to best launch an Embassy group at your church.

In the meantime, do you have individual fellow believers in your area who would be a good fit for online outreach? We can fast-track your friend so that the application process goes quickly, and they can get into service right away. Here are the steps for fast-tracking:

  1. Tell your friend about Embassy, including the need for a clean email. You can even help them set it up. 

  2. From your clean email, send us your friend's first name, city/state, and his or her clean email address, along with a little info about this person (how you know them, how long you've known them, a little about their background).

  3. Your friend should fill out the application at (this is still necessary for our database), but does not need to deal with Step Three, the reference link. 

  4. YOU can give your friend the URL for the Volunteers' Sector. They can login and use the site under our fast track profile:

    Username -
    Password - ambassador

    If they wish to register their clean email on this site as well they can do that as well, but it will take longer for them to access the site because of the manual approval. 

YOUR Opportunity in Your Local Church

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf:  be reconciled to God. 


[II Corinthians 5:20]

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