"All of life is a test."

What to know Many Muslims believe that life itself is a test to see if you will be faithful to Islam. To some Muslims, this means more than our reaction to suffering in life: It also involves how we handle intellectual questions about Islam itself, or about Mohammad as a prophet. What to say

If your friend wants to talk about times they felt tested by God, listen as they share. Don't be discouraged if your friend becomes animated about the role of Islam in their life and identity. If they share about suffering or trials, ask what characteristics of God they held onto as true. Share the beginning of Romans 1:20 conversationally, affirming the reality that God's invisible qualities are known to mankind. If God opens the door, Read James 1 together and talk about how this passage has impacted your life. Share about the Christ-centered perspective of trials, and what it means to be faithful and bring glory to God. Allow this to become a time of sharing your testimony. ___

(A note about a difficult verse in James 1: The English word for "religion" in James 1:27 is from the Greek term threskos, which carries a more narrow definition than what we commonly use. Although we use the term "religion" to denote both theology and practices tied to belief, threskos refers to specifically acts of devotion. One way to think about this is orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Orthodoxy refers to correct belief (theology); orthopraxy refers to correct practice or action. Threskos is about orthopraxy.)

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf:  be reconciled to God. 


[II Corinthians 5:20]

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