"Jesus never said, 'I am God, worship me.'" Pt 2

What to know In a previous post, we shared with you three possible ways to engage in this question. Those three responses were focused on showing where in Scripture we do see Christ profess his Deity. In today's section, instead, we'll focus on an alternative question: Why do we expect Jesus to say these words? If Jesus is the Messiah, would it make sense for him to proclaim this? Unlike other resources, this is provided in a script-format, as a believer might express it to their Muslim friend. Please feel free to express this in more simple English, and to speak with your own voice. What to say Jesus didn't say "I am God, worship me" because he didn't come to receive glory or praise from men. He came to be rejected and killed. John 10 is a passage we can look at to see this; also John 1. Let's look at this together in a moment! The greater point is this... The question of what Jesus al-Masih said has to be in the context of fulfilling the will of God.

Note to the reader: At this moment, we're trying to change the conversation from what human logic assumes God would do, to what God's purposes are. You can share this with your friend...that what a human, a created being, expects of God may not be accurate. God, who is the Creator, is greater than what humans can think or imagine. Returning to the discussion, we can say: Receiving worship is small; all glory already belongs to God. If humans didn't worship, even the rocks would cry out! We can read about this in the holy Injeel, in Luke 19 together. But redeeming humanity..... washing us, removing our shame, making a way for sin-covered people who are stained with blood to stand in his presence and not be destroyed... This is something higher. This is why al-Masih is called "the hope of the nations" and "the Light of the world." God could demand worship from all beings at any time. But what the Masih came to do is something very different. He came to serve, to save, to heal, to rescue, to release, and to restore. There are so many powerful and intense and beautiful passages we can look at to understand what that means. But to answer the question itself... What this question asks of Jesus (to announce, "I am God; worship me") is contrary to being al- Masih. He is the Adha, planned before the creation of the world (1 Peter 1:18-20; John 1:29.) One day he will receive all worship! Revelation has powerful images of this (Revelation 5:13-14.) But first...the amazing act of rescue. Would you like to read more about him together?